Beverly "Cissy" Coleman

Beverly "Cissy" Coleman

Beverly "Cissy" Coleman, RN, CNOR

Operating Room
University of Tennessee Medical Center
Knoxville, Tennessee
United States

Cissy is the nurse manager of the OR. Cases cancel for various reasons in the OR. However, in late January, when Cissy overheard a surgeon cancelling a pediatric case due to a fever, she felt compelled to do something. As the surgeon was cancelling the case, he spoke about seeing the baby in his office. He stated the baby needed a diaper change in the office, but the mother did not have a clean diaper to put on her. Instead, they wrapped her up in a scrub shirt before she left. He stated the mom was a kid herself.

After hearing this, Cissy called the mother at home and told her the OR would like to help her out if it was okay. The mom was very grateful for any help. She spoke with the young mother about their needs and if she had a pediatrician to take Baby L to since she had a high fever. Once she was satisfied that the mother would make an appointment for her and bring her back for surgery on a later date, Cissy hung up the phone and typed up a donation list. She told the OR staff that Baby L was "our Valentine Baby". It didn't take long for the donations to come pouring in once the story was told. Several nurses cried as they listened to her talk about Baby L and her situation. Baby L had Noonan Syndrome. Noonan syndrome is a genetic disorder that impacts normal development of the body. Baby L was having surgery to correct the medical problems Noonan Syndrome had caused.

Cissy organized all of the clothes, formula and supplies the staff donated. She even bought Rubbermaid containers and separated and folded the clothes for them. Baby L was a hit with everyone when she came back for her procedure. Cissy held her in the front office until it was time to head to the operating room. She gave the mother her personal cell phone number and told her to call anytime. Then she sat with the baby and her mom until she was discharged.

Since the surgery, Cissy has kept in contact with this family. She has even encouraged the young mother to go back to school and get her GED. Recently, Baby L was admitted to Children's Hospital due to difficulties breathing. Cissy visited her over the weekend and made sure Baby L and her mother were okay. Cissy did not have to do what she did-she wanted to. Her caring nature and compassionate care is evident in this story. She continues to keep in touch with this family and has become a mentor for this young mom. Now Baby L is trying to walk!

To me, this is the perfect example of what being a DAISY nurse is all about - making a difference in someone's life.