Bridgette Bruce-Felix

Bridgette Bruce-Felix, RN, CNII

Maternal Infant Unit
Florida Hospital Celebration Health
Celebration, Florida
United States

Her nomination shared the following comments:
• Bridgette is an exceptional nurse. Her patients request to have her if she is returning to work the following day. She definitely connects with her patients and provide a lot of comfort and support during such a huge special life time experience for the patients
• Bridgette is an advocate to all the nurses on both shifts. She is approachable and is always a team player. She always ensures that the unit is run in a safe manner, regardless of how busy or chaotic it is she supports both shifts equally. She does provide a positive “ Aura” on the unit.
• Bridgette is always pleasant and adds humor to stressful situations. She always has a positive attitude towards her job and her co-workers. She is enthusiastic about her job the care she provides. Bridgette is an asset to our team.
• All her patients love her. She makes them feel they are her family.
• Gives constructive feedback to staff. She is always a strong advocate for her patients. Bridgette is also a great role model for any nurse. She is the most thorough nurse I have every worked with.
• Bridgette has recently joined our NPC and is already volunteering to help up projects. She has been a charge nurse on our unit for many years and is well respected by both nurses and doctors.

In addition, her peers and colleagues had the following comments to share about Bridgette and how she shares compassion with everyone she touches.
• Bridgette finds humor in dealing with difficult and demanding patients. She takes time to comfort and is always helpful, no matter what the circumstance is.
• Bridgette doesn’t let go of any patient or family issue until it is resolved. She pays attention to every detail of patient care. It's not unusual to find Bridgette praying with a patient or staff member.
• If I could choose one nurse whom I wish I could be most like, that would have to be Bridgette. She is so intelligent and genuinely cares about her patients and co-workers/friends. She continually strives for safety and helping our unit be the best that it can be.

• Bridgette is a radiant nurse who strives for excellence in every situation. Thank you Bridgette for shining Christ's light to everyone you meet.
• Because of Bridgette I have learned to be a true caregiver. She was my preceptor and still remains my mentor. She embodies CREATION and ICBEST. Bridgette cares for her patients and coworkers and strives for excellence in every day.
• Bridgette has been a fellow team member and personal friend to me for many years. I enjoy working with her for many reasons, but especially because of her excellence, compassion, attention to detail, and strong commitment to integrity. As a Charge Nurse, she is able to coordinate multiple tasks to ensure the success of the department. Bridgette is someone that you can rely on and whole-heartedly trust. She promotes the FH core values through her interactions and patient care. She has a very nice sense of humor and is able to put situations into perspective in order to appropriately deal with them. Of all the moments that demonstrates how special I think Bridgette is, there is one that particularly stands out for me. 5 years ago I was going through the most difficult time in my life due to a very frightening medical diagnosis. I had taken some time off from work to deal with the medical treatments and was having to work through many issues. One morning, during a very low point, my phone rang and it was Bridgette checking on me. At the time, I was working nightshift L&D and Bridgette worked dayshift MIU. Just the fact that she was thinking of me made me feel grateful for having such compassionate and thoughtful co-workers. After a few minutes of updating her on my condition, Bridgette asked if she could pray with me over the phone. I still remember the sincerity and compassion in her voice while she prayed for me. It brought me so much comfort and helped to alleviate some of my fears. It was a few minutes out of her day that will stay with me for eternity. That example is typical of Bridgette and the work that she does every day. We appreciate her very much and are grateful that she is part of our team!