Carolyn Crouthers

Carolyn Crouthers, RN BSN

Behavioral Health
Methodist University Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

Carolyn is very compassionate. She is always doing "extra" things for our patients. Today I walked into a patient's room and she was explaining to the patient how to put her clothes on. She exemplifies the MLH values of Service, and Teamwork everyday. Although it was not her "job" to give the patient a bath she had done that as well. This patient is often quite confused and hard to direct. Carolyn is able to get her to do things that other people cannot. It would have been easy for someone in her position of PCC to say "It's not my job, I am the PCC". Carolyn is not that kind of person. Her spirit of teamwork led her to jump in and do what had to be done. I know lots of nurses give baths everyday. Carolyn was not just giving a bath. She was teaching the patient to take a bath and teaching her to put on her clothes. This patient has to be taught this everyday. I am sure that others have gotten tired of teaching her the same things everyday. Carolyn does not tire of it. She does it with a smile. She develops a special relationship with the patients and makes sure they have what they need. She often brings clothes from home for them. We have a patient clothes closet that we all put clothes in from time to time. Carolyn has taken it to another level and brings lots and lots of really good, fashionable clothing articles. She gives service with a smile. It never matters whose patient it is, she responds readily and helps with ALL patient needs. I am proud to work with her. Many patients call back just to talk with her. She is a great example of someone giving patient/family centered care. She makes sure that our patients are treated like family.