Chris Allen

Chris Allen

Chris Allen, RN

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
Glendale, Arizona
United States

...I want to share a story about what I observed yesterday between Chris Allen and a patient's son. He was a 9 year old whose mother was dying in the CVICU. My understanding is she had been ill for quite some time and a decision was made to withdrawal care. Chris Allen was not this patient's nurse. The young boy was in and out of his mom's room throughout the day and would stop and talk to Chris as he passed her in the halls. After his mother passed away, he came down the hall and walked up to Chris and he was greeted with a warm, welcoming hug.

What she said to him is what stands out to me. She hugged that little boy and told him that once his Mommy got to heaven she wouldn't be sick anymore and God would heal her. She also told him that he was named after 2 very strong men in the Bible, Abraham and Jacob. This act touched me in a way I fully can't describe, especially since she was not caring for the patient.

Chris definitely impacted this young man, displayed compassion, went above and beyond her job description, put her heart on her sleeve and worked with the team to take care of a little boy looking for comfort.