Christi Bennett

Christi Bennett, RN

Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

“If I give my heart to you, will you handle it with care?” For some people, these words ring true when it’s time to have open heart surgery. One hopes to have the very best medical team working in sync – from doctors to nurses to therapists to clergy – from the beginning to the end of the hospital stay. Our nominator’s day began with three doctors performing open heart surgery on him. He was taken to intensive care, where Christi Bennett entered the picture …and what a beautiful picture she painted for him.

“Christi was so compassionate, helping with my every need, both mental and physical. I truly believe her attentiveness and gentle heart guided me through this trying and painful ordeal.”

Now making a good, steady recovery at home, our patient ended his nomination with these words: “My wife and I appreciate all the things Christi did for us. We love her and her caring ways. She deserves to receive The DAISY Award.”