Crystal Bales

Crystal Bales, BSN, RN, CLC

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Neenah, Wisconsin
United States
She has astute problem solving skills and competencies with our sickest and most complicated patients.

When you see Crystal Bales, BSN, RN, CLC, on the pediatric floor, you will notice one very simple thing:  she is continuously attentive to the care of her patients.  She doesn’t do this in a hurried way, but rather in an engaged, efficient manner. If she has extra time, it is time spent with the patients and families, or looking up information that would help her with her patients. It is this level of engagement that makes Crystal stand out as an excellent nurse.

This quality is what the family who nominated her for the DAISY Award noticed when they described her as kind, compassionate, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. The patient mom explained that she and her family were thankful to know Crystal was caring for their twins. She assisted with lactation needs and rocked their fussy baby so that the parents could get some rest. The mom wrote, “Children’s is lucky to have such a wonderful nurse on their team.”

Crystal’s peers stated that:

“Crystal has some of the best clinical skills on our unit. She doesn’t shy away from taking care of any patient, no matter how challenging.”

 “She always manages to keep smiling even when things are tough.”

 “She has astute problem solving skills and competencies with our sickest and most complicated patients.”

Crystal graduated in 2008 from University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh with a Bachelor’s in Nursing. On May 14, 2016, she will graduate with her Doctorate in Nursing Practice from the University of Wisconsin -Madison. Her nursing experience includes working in the emergency department at Theda Clark and in her practicum, and working with the pediatric diabetes patients in the Children’s-Fox Valley specialty clinic. She is a certified lactation consultant and a member of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. In 2012, Crystal was nominated by her peers for the Clinical Nursing Excellence Award. She is a stand out among her peers and health care team partners as well.