Crystal Brooks

Crystal Brooks, RN

3North- VA Maine Healthcare
Maine VA Healthcare System - Togus
Augusta, Maine
United States
Crystal helped my three children and I have dinner with their dad- eating pizza together was the best medicine.

I would like to nominate Crystal Brooks for her outstanding care. I could not have asked for more when I was in the hospital. She was comforting in a scary situation, always had a smile, and always took the time to come in and just listen.  She was always willing to help even if it wasn't really her job to do, she did it all - from housekeeping duties to walking me around the hospital for a talk- she always took the time to help me even when she was really busy. I have had stays in other hospitals but none of them had a Crystal.


During my husband's weekend stay, we had fantastic nurses and doctors. Crystal, however certainly went above and beyond. Crystal not only took excellent care of my husband when he needed it, but she also provided emotional care and understanding for the whole family.  Crystal explained reasons for physical symptoms and feelings my husband was having, taught us all about his medications, his procedures, and any testing- really, she helped us understand anything that needed an explanation or answer. 

Crystal was so helpful and kind to me as a spouse- she took her time to explain things and check on me personally.  Crystal made me feel involved- like an important part of the team.  Crystal was so accommodating for our family.  I wanted the children to be able to visit and have dinner with their dad without risking disturbing other patients.  Crystal helped my three children and I have dinner with their dad- eating pizza together was the best medicine.  We were able to visit freely, and the visit was so much less stressful and hectic than I had anticipated.  Crystal showed great care and compassion throughout the stay.  Crystal made my husband and I feel like people she cared about- not just another patient, a number, a family member or visitor- she treated us like her own family.  It is for these reasons that my husband and I would like to nominate Crystal for the DAISY Award- she is more than deserving.