Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris, RN

Mother Baby Unit
Athens Regional Medical Center
Athens, Georgia
United States

Crystal is the Night Charge Nurse and the night nurses will say, "I am so glad Crystal is here because we will have a good night." She always goes around doing small things for the other nurses just to help out. These small things add up to a big difference. She often answers the call light. Also, she always helps draw blood and start IV's in the nursery. If a lot of admissions are coming in, this is a great help. We usually only have one nurse in the nursery and it is essential for the Charge Nurse to be alert to what is going on. If your patient is having problems, Crystal is right at your side helping you make critical decisions. Crystal knows all the protocols and can always answer any question I ask her. She knows how to take care of any patient we get-even the rare cases. She is a dedicated mentor in that she always makes sure patients get the proper care. She never loses patience even when someone asks tons of questions. She is a patient advocate especially in the area of breastfeeding. She often helps Moms with difficult problems so they can overcome problems to continue to breastfeed. She has told me of times when she has held a baby on the breast while the Mom was sleeping! She constantly educates the mothers about breastfeeding and taking care of their babies. She shows mothers how to get a proper latch, use proper positioning and gives lots of reassurance. Most of all she is a sensitive care giver. She makes sure mothers are comfortable and offers pain meds frequently. She helps maintain that critical mother-baby bond with lots of support for breastfeeding and lots of teaching. She is a top notch nurse!