Dunedin HomeCare Team at BayCare

Dunedin HomeCare Team

Dunedin HomeCare Team at BayCare

Dunedin HomeCare
Dunedin, Florida
United States
Beth Cox, Robin Bryant RN, Katrina Cannatelli PT, Paul Castricone OT, Terry Dulle RN, Deb Gilkey RN, Theresa Guzman PT, Terry Herron, Dominic Intravaia PT, Jackie Jamison RN, Sue Kronague, Diane Leadbeater PTA, Pamela Miller, Cindy Morrow RN, Lana Murdock PTA, Bernard Palma PT, Christa Pappas RN, Deborah Peters RN, Judy Pierce RN, Tammy Prince RN, Judit Sagnella LPN, Lisa Schultz RN, Vera Sheremeta, Catherine Smith PT, Sylvia Stravato RN, Vera Tabibian PT

I would like to recognize the Dunedin HC team that cared for me after my hospitalization, which left me with an ostomy. The team led by nurse Cindy Morrow, included Judit Sagnella, Lisa Schultz, David Iberg, and Catherine Smith. Cindy was the first to visit me. Cindy explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. She was very kind, articulate and thorough. Though I am a knowledgeable intelligent woman, and one of the lucky ones knowing this would not be a permanent thing, I could not wrap my head around the fact that I needed to empty this pouch I now had. It was difficult realizing that I was no longer in the hospital with 24/7 care and someone to take of this task for me. One of the team noticed I was having some skin breakdown and immediately took care of getting the proper things in place to take care of it. Though I no longer had that safety net the hospital provided, the homecare team made me feel comfortable and knowledgeable about my own care.

Each of the HomeCare staff that visited me was as caring, empathetic and encouraging as the last. Though not being together as the nurses are in the hospital setting, these team members truly worked as a team. When I questioned any one of them for using a different product or performing a procedure in a manner different from that of their co-worker, they always stated that this was just an alternate way. I would hear "I know Cindy likes to do it this way but I have an alternate method I would like to try." They never cut each other down or stated their way was better. They all spoke very highly of each other. Every one of the team members who visited me was aware of what the last person had done or reviewed with me and was more than willing to review again.

I have enjoyed good health and been fortunate to be on the giving side for many years, but until you find yourself on the other side and in that bed, you do not really know the impact compassionate care can have on you. Excellent, compassionate care was what I received from this team.