Elizabeth Cappiello

Elizabeth Cappiello, RN

Elizabeth Cappiello, RN

Medical/Surgical/Stroke/Telemetry - Pavilion D
MidState Medical Center
Meriden, Connecticut
United States
She is a true asset and represents the highest level of nursing your hospital offers.

I was admitted with chest pain and shortness of breath caused by possible blood clots that moved from my leg into my lungs. Although all your staff was wonderful, the moment Elizabeth introduced herself with her bubbly personality she exuded calmness and confidence that you were in good hands.

Then during the initial exam, Liz noticed how nervous I was. She stepped back and took the time to explain exactly what the doctors were looking for and the reasons why. This simple act, which I am sure is routine for her, was the moment I truly relaxed and felt secure in the fact that I would be receiving the best care possible. Liz followed up by going above and beyond by getting my CAT Scan scheduled. She also takes time to notice the little things that make you comfortable. An example is, I was still in my street clothes since my arrival the day before. She had to go locate some johnny pants for me to wear since there weren't any in my room, a simple gesture that made me more comfortable.

In another instance while explaining my care there was an announcement of an emergency in another room. She did not show any signs of panic, but instead, calmly said I have to go and take care of someone in another room but I will be back to finish talking to you. When she re-entered my room, she was as calm and bubbly as if nothing happened. Liz made me feel like I was her only patient and she would take care of everything.

I have had 23 operations and all the times I have spent in different hospitals, I can truthfully say Liz has been the best nurse I have ever had. She is a true asset and represents the highest level of nursing your hospital offers. My heartfelt thanks to Liz for making my stay comfortable.