Eric Cooper

Eric Cooper, RN

Resource Pool, PCU
Indiana University Health: North Hospital
Carmel, Indiana
United States

Eric Cooper was kind, polite and excellent at managing her care yet being firm with all of us so she could heal.

My family member had a panic attack, twice, after a very serious medical condition and eight hours of surgery.

His expertise and ability to calm her down and still make her do what was needed to keep her on track to heal was unbelievable. He talked to her with dignity and respect. He was calm and stern at the same time. He distracted her; but then in the end she walked and did what she needed to do.

His kindness was unreal and his professional demeanor was outstanding. He is an outstanding, one of a kind nurse. I also noticed that Dr. P treated him with respect and together their medical care was fantastic.

Eric Cooper is what a nurse should be!