Erica McCullum

Erica McCullum, RN

5 North
UMMC Conerly Critical Care Hospital

My Dad was in a bad motorcycle accident on 6/27/11. He lost his wife of 57 years and was badly injured. All of the staff has provided extraordinary care with kindness and patience. Somehow though, this nurse just connected with my Dad. On one really difficult night she came in with a small gift – a framed prayer. It was so touching that she went this extra step for him. She even gave him a number to call if he needed to talk or share his pain. She really eased both his physical and emotional pain and that’s why she deserves the DAISY Award.
What a wonderful and compassionate woman! She is or should be the standard for all nurses. Her focus is entirely on her patient; not just her job. She goes above and beyond her duties and is someone you would love to have as a friend, knowing she would always be there for you. Everyone here would heal faster, both physically and emotionally with her on their team.