Genevieve Field

Genevieve Field, RN

Family Birth Center
Centegra Health System
Woodstock, Illinois
United States

Genevieve Field was there with me when the doctor had me come to the hospital for a NST. I was anxious but felt the nurse had everything under control. The doctor was starting to become concerned about the baby and wanted to verify fluid levels. The recommendation was that I needed to deliver my baby. The next day I delivered my daughter.

What makes me nominate Geni was realizing how relieved I was to see her after I delivered my baby. She cared for me on the post partum side. I realized how knowledgeable and informative she was during the NST. She gave me enough information to keep me in the loop, but made sure not to scare me. It was as if she knew just the right amount of information to give me without scaring me or assuming I knew all the answers. Her keen sense or call it intuition of knowing exactly what I needed was great. I didn't have an out of the ordinary situation, but she made me feel like my family was her only family to care for. I felt like she was my friend and on my side when I saw her after delivery. I was able to relate to her and how she helped me with what I needed to know in caring for my baby. What was great was how she was open to my ideas and beliefs in caring for my baby. She was never judgmental, always listened, provided the information I needed to be a safe, good mom, but respected my ideas, no matter what they were.