Gina Dove

Gina Dove, RN

Case Management
CHI Memorial Glenwood
Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States

...Recently my sister in law had surgery at MD Anderson in Houston and it has been extremely difficult given that she is 36 with a 4 year old daughter. Throughout the entire ordeal Gina has made an extra effort to stay in contact with me and let me know that she is thinking of us. I cannot tell you how many times over the last 2 weeks that I have been sitting on the porch in the evenings or on the weekend and my phone has rung with Gina on the other end. There will never be enough words to express how grateful I am to her for her understanding and support as a boss, but more importantly for her friendship!

There has never been a time that I have needed help and Gina has not called me back immediately, texted me from a meeting, or come to the unit. I often feel like everyone is so used to her being there that we forget what a load she is actually carrying! Her personal sacrifice with her family and personal time is tremendous. She works so hard to make everyone happy (even if it means redoing the schedule fifty times) and willingly picks up the slack on her own.