Heather Iman

Heather Iman

Heather Iman, RN

Labor and Delivery
Saint Joseph Hospital (CO)
Denver, Colorado
United States

I am an RN at Rose Medical Center and was planning my stay at St. Joseph's because of my husband's insurance plan. I had mixed feelings about not staying at Rose, but was optimistic for a great experience based on the reputation your hospital has in the community.

From the moment we walked in the door, we were treated with kindness and professionalism. From the triage charge nurse, Lisa, to my transition/recovery nurse, Nicole, we were so impressed with the care and empathy provided.

My Labor and Delivery nurse, Heather Iman, was absolutely incredible! Once admitted to the hospital, my labor wasn't progressing so well, and I became concerned. Being a nurse, I kept thinking about the worse possible scenarios. My nurse, Heather, and her student nurse continued to reassure me and encourage me. If it wasn't for Heather advocating for me, I probably would have ended up with an epidural or even a cesarean section. Instead, I was able to deliver naturally, and I owe a lot of that to Heather!

I vividly remember Heather saying to me as I slowly rocked in the chair breathing through my intense contractions "OK, you are at 8 cm, this would be your last chance to have an epidural if you still think you might want one." I remember responding, "Oh gosh, how do you decide when to get one?" And her reply was "If you need to ask that question, then you do not need one!" She continued by saying, "you can do this; we will help you get through the pushing."

I took my nurse's advice and before I knew it, I was on the bed pushing! I remember feeling really "panicked" thinking what the heck was I thinking!? I remember Heather getting right in my face (in a good way) and saying, "You can do this! You have to breathe and focus on getting your baby out" I listened and 30 minutes later I was holding my beautiful baby girl in my arms!

I could not have asked for a more wonderfully compassionate L&D nurse and for such a memorable experience with my first delivery. Heather was supporting, encouraging, and kind from the moment I met her to the time when she hugged me goodbye praising me for how well I did. She helped me hold true to my "birth plan" and was my biggest cheerleader (along with my husband of course!).

I cannot thank Heather and the other staff nurses enough for the experience they gave me. I will forever remember Heather, and of course, the birth of my daughter. I love telling my Labor & Delivery story and about my fabulous nurse who truly believed in me! Thank you for everything.