Heidi Kuest

Heidi Kuest, RN

Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

Many times all that’s needed is a loving gesture to let someone know all is well. That’s a lesson lived out by DAISY honoree Heidi Kuest. With her patient preparing for discharge and waiting for her son to pick her up, Heidi noticed that she was becoming quite anxious. Even though a language barrier made communication impossible, Heidi tried to put her at ease by sitting with her and speaking in a loving and soothing way. “Through Heidi’s tone, the patient knew she would be all right,” Heidi’s nominator said, “and Heidi even managed to get a smile out of her.”
Once the patient’s son arrived several hours later, he was able to pass along the patient’s gratitude for Heidi’s time and extra care. And everyone left with a smile.
“Loving gestures are a universal gift that our creator God has given us,” her nominator shared, “and Heidi is a great role model that we can all learn from.”
Congratulations, Heidi!