Jan Kolb

Jan Kolb, MSN, RN

Case Management
Children's Hospital Colorado
Aurora, Colorado
United States

On a whim, the Case Management department threw around an idea about collecting recipies from each other, placing them in a cookbook and doing a fundraiser as a charitable contribution to the Transitions Fund. The Transitions Fund can be accessed by the Case Management team to help families acquire lower cost items which are necessary to transition the patient from the hospital to home. Jan has really embraced this particular opportunity to contribute to the Transitions Fund. Jan has demonstrated caring and compassion for the families who are going to benefit from the funds as demonstrated by her relentless reminders to our department and to others about this project. Jan has collaborated with other healthcare team members within The Children's Hospital by inviting them to contribute their own recipes. Jan's positive "go-get-em" attitude about this cookbook can be heard in the many conversations that she and I have had; where she has voiced many times "this cookbook could really help the families that come here". Jan's determination to see this idea become a reality can be seen in her education of others about the Transition Fund and about Case Management not only within The Children's Hospital organization, but throughout the community. The recipes have been collected thus far from individuals within our own organization and from those in the community would not have been without her dedication to see this through. Jan has provided Case Management services to the very ill patients and families in the PICU; arranging transports, arranging home care on the CTRC and working with the ethics committee. Jan has also collaborated with the social work department, the Foundation and has solicited participation from local restaurants who want to help TCH achieve the mission of caring for families when they are running out of resources.