Janet Bierman

Janet Bierman, RN

Special Procedures Area
Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital
Tucson, Arizona
United States

I had no idea what a "needle biopsy" entailed, so I was a little anxious. Janet is so warm and friendly she immediately put me at ease. She told me what was going to happen time wise and how she was going to help me.

She took my information and then started an IV. When I looked to see where it had been (after surgery) there was only a dot. Super job!

She was encouraging, friendly, reassuring and most of all made me feel she not only knew her job but she was happy doing it. Isn't that what nursing is about? Caring about and for the patient? Well, Janet get an A+!

My daughter was with me for my biopsy and Janet made her feel comfortable and welcome.

Thank you, Janet, for walking me to the car. I truly appreciate you.