Janet Denhoff

Janet Denhoff

Janet Denhoff, RN

Observation Unit
Tampa General Hospital
Tampa, Florida
United States
To call Janet exceptional, unbiased and caring would be a total understatement.

I had the unbelievable privileged to have as my nurse, Janet Denhoff.  To call her exceptional, unbiased and caring would be a total understatement.  Her ethical and sympathetic attention was actually motherly.  She made me feel special and worry-free.  There were no questions unanswered, all requests were received with a smile and followed up promptly.  Those requests were later gone over by her with me.

I have had the bad luck to be hospitalized many times and I have never received the attention and sincere desire to be helpful and willingness to attend to all my needs.  Her knowledge of medicine, drugs, procedures, etc. I believe, may exceed those of some physicians I have met.  Janet is a nurse extraordinaire who showed the highest acclaim for her dedication to the nursing profession.

I asked her to marry me, but she is already taken----Lucky Guy!!  I returned home with a much better mental and physical condition due to her ministries.