Jason Callis

Jason Callis, RN

Indiana University Health: North Hospital
Carmel, Indiana
United States

Jason Callis was charge nurse today, August 13th. He was short three staff members, but you could not tell by his demeanor. He always has a “can do” attitude and continually exemplifies the five maxims. Today is one of the days that tested his character, and those measures were magnified. You can judge a man’s character when it’s tried, and today Jason’s character shined! Jason is a true leader and exemplifies the definition of Team Player!

Jason is the type of nurse that always goes above and beyond. He doesn’t treat his patients with respect and compassion just some of the time; he does it all of the time. Jason always goes the extra mile to make sure his patients are comfortable, informed and educated. As a nurse, Jason has excellent hands on and critical thinking skills, but that’s not what sets him apart from the rest. Jason has a special gift when it comes to making patients, young and old, feel at ease. His bedside manner is something that every healthcare worker should strive for. No matter how many patients or how critical his patients, Jason makes every effort to ensure that he cares for them to the best of his ability.

There have been numerous situations where I have gone to Jason to ask questions when I was unsure of something or when I needed guidance in learning a new task. When I began at this hospital, Jason was always there to show me a new skill. I especially remember him taking me aside one day and showing me how to set up and use an arterial line. He had oriented many of our nurses and I know he always takes the extra time to make sure they are as prepared as possible. As a coworker, Jason is the type of person you always want to work with. He works hard and always tries to help other even if it’s at the expense of his ability to leave on time or eat lunch. If I was ever a patient in our department, or anyone of my friends or family were, Jason is who I would want to take care of them.

Quiet strength, compassion and humble are three words I would use to describe this great clinician. As you watch a young nurse gain competence, you watch their confidence grow and they start to take on new roles and responsibilities. When I asked Jason to take on the charge nurse role he was hesitantly willing. He has far exceeded the expectations of the role and has the respect, confidence and trust of all staff. He is fair, consistent and compassionate as he addresses any issues and is a tremendous patient advocate. When I heard that Jason had been chosen for The DAISY Award my heart swelled with pride as I could think of no one more deserving.