Jeannie Zembrzuski

Jeannie Zembrzuski

Jeannie Zembrzuski, RN

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
Downers Grove, Illinois
United States

Regular comments from Jeannie's patients fit every criteria for a nurse who earns this award. Samples of recent comments include:

Compassionate care: Jeannie was such an angel. She was attentive, personable, caring, kind and she helped me more than I've ever been helped. Jeannie was such a great nurse with a good personality that stood above the rest. Jeannie was extra bubbly and friendly.

Exemplary service and commitment to excellence: My day nurse Jeannie was very helpful, she went above and beyond any nursing care I've ever had. Jeannie regularly incorporates a multidisciplinary patient approach to all her care.

Consistently focuses on meeting patient/family needs and goals: Jeannie was very nice. When she discharged me everything was smooth.

Outstanding role model in the nursing community: Jeannie is a Nurse

Clinician III who has actively participated as a Geriatric Resource Nurse, sharing her knowledge through presentations for the nurses and techs on the unit and within the hospital, participating in the GRN committee and has written an article related to incontinence management for the Nursing Vision.

Builds lasting relationships by establishing a special connection with the patient and family: This category is listed as first in the DAISY Criteria but I am writing about it last because it illustrates more fully the type of nurse Jeannie is. "F" was a patient on our unit who Jeannie took care of. After discharge, F came back to the hospital to search out Jeannie. Jeannie's kind, sweet, attentive manner had made such an impression on F. She brought a small green jade heart necklace she wanted Jeannie to have. It was symbolic of how Jeannie had opened her heart to F. Jeannie was deeply touched by this gesture and proudly wears the necklace to work each and every day. A few weeks later, F was readmitted to another unit for surgery. Once she could ambulate, she walked over to our unit and asked to see Jeannie.

Another small example relates to Jeannie's love for baking, which she often brings in to work for staff to enjoy. She had a patient who was trying to watch her diet and Jeannie was overheard discussing ideas for low calorie, healthy recipes for the patient. This might seem insignificant but it shows how Jeannie listens to what the patient is saying and shows she cares not just for her shift but for the long term and is outstanding in establishing special connections with the patient.

Jeannie is most deserving of all the wonderful comments above and truly works to make every patient feel like they are the most important one in the world. Jeannie's compassion makes her a perfect candidate for The DAISY Award.