Jennifer Bush

Jennifer Bush, RN

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
Idaho Falls, Idaho
United States

Jennifer knows that excellence is in the details. She works incredibly hard to find and influence the seemingly "little things" that mean so much to patients, families and staff. As an example, late one evening while preparing for a direct admission to the PICU it was noted that it was the patient's birthday. With lightning speed, Jen quickly retrieved supplies from her secret stash and had the patient's room completely decorated and gifts sitting on the bed before she arrived. This was an age appropriate, gender specific, remarkably personal production!! When the family, who had been through a tumultuous day, walked in the room with their sick child, they wept knowing their child would receive the same careful attention clinically, as she would emotionally. Jennifer blesses her fellow staff members with the same attention, whether it's repairing the broken equipment, decorating the unit, cleaning the fridge, or flavoring the ice. Her days are filled with hundreds of seemingly small acts that make life better for everyone. She is absolutely amazing!