Jose Luis Salinas-Badillo

Jose Luis Salinas-Badillo

Jose Luis Salinas-Badillo, BSN, RN

Irving Health Center
Parkland Health & Hospital System
Dallas, Texas
United States
Jose Luis put his skills to the test and performed the child Heimlich Maneuver.

Jose Luis Salinas-Badillo was heaven sent; he is a pleasure to work with both co-workers and patients.  His performance is consistently courteous and hardworking.  Jose Luis has only been with Irving Health Center for six months but his positive attitude and knowledgeable experience is a blessing in disguise.  Jose Luis spends a great deal of time assisting and mentoring in all areas at Irving Health Center.

In October we had an incident at Irving Health Center where a mother came running into our clinic with a little boy, blue to the face and hands turning inwards.  Our amazing RN - Jose Luis immediately grabbed the little boy – A, and took charge of trying to save A's life.  The child was choking on a gumball.  While everyone at the clinic was in panic mode and standoffish, Jose Luis put his skills to the test and performed the child Heimlich Maneuver on this child while having him on the side at the same time trying to give him oxygen.  Jose Luis did an amazing job trying to save A's life without an emergency bag, and A survived with no damage to his brain!

Jose Luis deserves the DAISY Award for going above and beyond every day he comes to work!