Judine Whyte-Foster

Judine Whyte-Foster

Judine Whyte-Foster, BSN, RN, CPN

Pediatric ED
Broward Health Coral Springs
Coral Springs, Florida
United States

My very reluctant and reserved 3 year old daughter came into the Peds ER with a minor accident to her eye. I had reservations on how someone can possibly get her to cooperate. As soon as Judine came in, it was like a burst of energy that quickly put my daughter in a whole different mindset. I immediately knew this was the person who was going to get my child to release her fears and gain her trust (just as she did mine). Her personality and passion is not one that you can get training on but it certainly is one that is embedded within her heart and soul. There is no question about that. Her smile exudes compassion and warmth beyond what I can possibly explain.

She performed and assisted the PA in a very difficult task through song and play while accomplishing her clinical tasks seamlessly. She role played herself into Doc McStuffin (a popular Disney character) with singing and dancing which was pure entertainment for my daughter. From my point of view, she was thorough in explaining everything to me and put me at ease. I actually enjoyed being in the ER and oddly enough so did my 3 year old. As we left, my daughter asked if we could go back to the "Disney hospital" with Doc McStuffin.

How wonderful it is to be served by someone who has that type of passion for what she does. You not only see it with Judine, but you also feel it.