Justine Andrews

Justine Andrews, RN, BSN, PCN, APHON

Home Care Services - Infusion Therapy
Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington
United States

Justine has been a member of Home Care Services for two and a half years now and previously worked on the Medical Unit. Justine brings exceptional astute clinical assessment skills combined with incredible sensitivity to each patient/family's needs. She consistently prepares the caregivers to provide safe quality care at home while navigating any perceived barriers such as language, education levels, of fear/anxiety/grief. Justine's top strength of connectedness and her belief of "what's best for the patient" are at the core of her practice.

Earlier this year, she taught the mom of a very anxious little girl who was struggling with very aggressive behavior not only towards mom but to Justine as well. e.g. throwing all sorts of things at them during the teach. Tapping into her resources of a Music
Therapist, Child Life Specialist and a Spanish Interpreter, Justine was able to
successfully complete the mock home antibiotic teach session and sign off mom as competent. Anticipating that the child would need to return weekly for PICC line dressing changes, Justine advocated for all of the same resources and reached successful outcomes.

A month later at the PICC line removal, Justine was able to provide continuity for this child. Trust had been established in a professional way and a potentially very scary appointment (from the patient's perspective) went very well. The miracle of exemplary nursing practice was actualized and superb patient clinical and emotional/psychological outcomes reached.

Justine has had the priviledge of educating multiple caregivers for a very complex short gut baby - she worked an extra day to be able to provide continuity of educators for the family and has also been to multiple alternate care houses as this patient has transitioned several times. Her patience with reinforcing safe practice at these Home Visits has given a strong foundation for the success of this young child's care at home.

In addition to an educator role, Justine has willingly accepted learning and becoming competent in the Referral and Intake Coordinator role. She has been a solid player in this pivotal role. Justine has also received very high commendations in mentoring a new RN who "could not have done it without her".

Justine has additionally been instrumental in identifying key patient care process improvements and significantly contributint to the solutions as well.