Justinea Huynh

Justinea Huynh, RN

St. Rose Dominican Hospital - San Martin Campus
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

Justinea went far beyond what was expected of her. I was impressed with her from the first day. She was very nice and caring, and she was the only staff member who made it a habit of washing her hands every time she came into the room. I had to remind four other staff members to wash their hands, including a doctor. Justinea did it every time.

But, even more so, she was so caring and picked up the slack of one of the doctors, which took a lot of time out of her very busy schedule. I am allergic to some pain killers, and she took it upon herself to find out which one I could take. She even called my pharmacy from across the country to find out what they had given me. The doctor just said, “use a cold compression”. But I had just had surgery and needed pain medication to help control the pain at home. Justinea took matters into her own hands and the end result was I got a prescription for pain medication.

Justinea is awesome and deserves this award. She seriously pulled through for me when I needed an advocate. And she did it so caringly. Thank you, Justinea!