Katherine Rondilla

Katherine Rondilla

Katherine Rondilla, BSN, RN

Orthopedic Clinic
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre
Riyadh, Ar Riyad
Saudi Arabia
Katherine prevented a patient from receiving a steroid injection two weeks in a row.

It is my honor to nominate Katherine Rondilla of Orthopedic Clinic for the DAISY Award; she has been in the organization for 8 years now and my colleagues will agree with me if I say that she is the asset of the Unit.

She is known to be very skillful and knowledgeable of her chosen profession. A very flexible nurse wherein anywhere she is assigned she can manage very well. She has a respectable relationship with her colleagues and serves as a good senior nurse without intimidating new staff. She is approachable and the MOST reliable resource person when you are lost. She has precepted most of the staff in the unit and still continues to share her knowledge with her colleagues. A very good team player not thinking only of herself and is always ready to lend a hand even if not asked to. You will never see her not doing anything during her free time; rather she is doing things for the clinic’s benefits.

I personally admire her way of working, in which she is very efficient, calm, patient, organized and the most important in Orthopedic Clinic… being quick without forgetting to give Quality Care to our patients. She prioritizes her patients and knows how to deal with them in a professional and respectful manner regardless of the socioeconomic status. With the experience she gained, she can communicate well with her patients through her Arabic. We have satisfied patients for she is always seen being helpful and being sincere about it.

Being the senior nurse, she acts as a charge nurse and was very humble about it. She has led the clinic in various activities like Awareness Days to which she contributed so much of her time without neglecting her work. She was the Magnet Champion during the application for Magnet and she did an excellent job in preparing us for the site visit that is why she was chosen to attend the Magnet Conference last 2013. After that, she served as our UBC chair in which we have accomplished a lot through her excellent leadership and support. She was again chosen to attend the AMSN conference last 2015 and has tried her best to be certified; and again… she never neglected her work and never asked for special treatment during the studying period.

There have been a lot of times that she has displayed her working integrity. She once prevented a patient from receiving a steroid injection two weeks in a row. She was reviewing the patient’s chart and does not only rely on Doctor’s orders. Because of this, we became inspired and more careful.

For three years she has been actively participating in our Streamline Project and it was recently selected as one of the top 3 Best PI (Performance Improvement) for 2016. We couldn’t have done it without Katherine’s contribution.

Katherine is a much-focused person and certainly hard working. The exceptional nurse every unit is dreaming of. We are very fortunate to have her in Ortho Clinic.

She is deserving of this award for she has offered so much without assuming for any recognitions. For the years we’ve known her, she has demonstrated only what an excellent nurse should be – A leader, compassionate with her patients, hardworking, responsible, humble, reliable and knowledgeable.