Kelly Bates

Kelly Bates, RN

Cardiac Cath Lab
Jupiter Medical Center
Jupiter, Florida
United States

Kelly Bates has only been employed at Jupiter Medical Center for less than a year but since her arrival, I continually hear patients stating wonderful comments about her care and dedication to them.

A month ago, Kelly was assigned to care for a patient having a cardiac catheterization. Kelly spent extra time explaining everything to the patient and her husband. Due to results of the procedure, it was necessary to transfer the patient to Palm Beach Gardens for a cardiac stent. Kelly explained the entire procedure to them and gave them information which greatly improved their anxiety over the procedure. The family was also sad that they had to leave Jupiter Medical Center and wished we provided the service.

Kelly is also employed per diem at Palm Beach Gardens Cath Lab. After the patient left in the ambulance, Kelly received a call asking if she was available to come in due to add-on cases. Kelly agreed with the condition she be allowed to care for the patient she had just transferred during the procedure.

When the patient arrived to the Cath Lab for their stent placement, Kelly was there to greet them stating she was at their service which ever hospital they were at providing quality care. The patient family could not have been happier to see a familiar face and someone they trusted.

This is just an example of how important the patient experience is to Kelly. It is a story they will tell for years to come and will never forget.