Kelly Gregory
August 2020
Labor and Delivery
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




Last Friday was a challenging night on L&D. A pregnant mom arrived at the TRU with a life-threatening injury and she needed to be delivered immediately. Kelly, who was doubling as our resource nurse and a scrub tech this evening, answered the call to action and went to the TRU to assist with the delivery.
When she arrived the patient was coding, but Kelly was able to quickly prep the patient and catch the baby. Unfortunately, the mom did not make it, however, Kelly's quick actions at least gave the baby a fighting chance. Prior to going to the TRU, Kelly generously offered her assistance with helping me monitor another patient's baby who was posing some difficulty.
Following her experience in the TRU, Kelly was found at another bedside actively supporting a laboring mom who was delivering. On my prior shift, I had an expeditious COVID delivery where most of our birthing team was in the OR with another patient. But, no fear, as Kelly suited up and was right there to assist with a smile. Kelly is a phenomenal RN.