Laci Dalton
October 2018
Emergency Department
Bradley County Medical Center
United States




There is never a time you will catch Mrs. Laci without a smile on her face. Doesn't matter if she is having the best day or the worst day. Doesn't matter if she got 2 hours or 10 hours of sleep. She is always smiling in a good mood. She can make anyone feel welcomed into the ER. She definitely knows how to make a patient feel welcome. She is so sweet to her patients. She goes above and beyond to make anyone and everyone feel welcome as they enter the ER doors.
I have had the pleasure of working alongside Laci for several years now. You can tell that her heart and soul is put into every single ED case that she works. Whether it is a fishing hook caught in an angler's hand or a patient experiencing respiratory distress, she treats them all the same, just as she would like done with her own family. Her work ethic and how she treats her patients is a daily reminder of what the nursing profession is all about.