Lauren Reible

Lauren Reible

Lauren Reible, BSN, RN

UW Health
Madison, Wisconsin
United States
Lauren never did speak to my dad when he was conscious, but she cared for him like an old, gentle friend.

My husband had to have brain surgery and Lauren was so great with helping his aid. She is beyond patient and always had a smile on her face. My husband is a very anxious man and Lauren was able to keep him calm and joke around with him, keeping him in good spirits. Even when my husband was hallucinating and going through paranoia, Lauren was there to tell him everything is okay and to calm him. We were in the ICU for 5 days and she was by far the most attentive nurse we had. Even when she would ask if we needed anything and we said no, 20 seconds later we needed something she was there saying it’s no problem at all! My husband and I also really appreciated that when he needed me and asked the nurse, Lauren called me on my phone. Lauren went way above and beyond to make our bad situation tolerable. She was a steady hand and very informative every time we had a question. We really appreciate Lauren and everything she did to make us feel at ease. She has a natural talent, is so wonderful, and has such an impact, especially when you’re feeling blue. She brightens every day!


My family lost my dad exactly a month ago. He had a massive stroke and was also battling stage 4 cancer, which made for a heartbreaking situation and excruciating decisions for the family. It was the worst weekend of all our lives, but Lauren helped us through it. She never did speak to my dad when he was conscious, but she cared for him like an old, gentle friend. She put us all a little bit more at ease, always informative and there just to talk. I immediately felt like I could be friends with her outside the hospital. But most important to us, however, was her role as a liaison and advocate for our family when deciding the course of action with the neurosurgeon and palliative care team. To go through numerous boxes of tissues in front of a near-stranger should be awkward, but Lauren has the uncanny ability to become part of the family herself. There was not a single good thing about losing our dad, except that we will all be so appreciative of her and the doctors. She’ll be hard to forget, especially because she went above and beyond to send us a long, handwritten note after my dad passed. Remarkable care and extraordinary compassion, Lauren is deserving of the DAISY Award and our forever thanks.