Linda Bangel

Linda Bangel, RN

Bronson Methodist Hospital
Kalamazoo, Michigan
United States

Linda Bangel is an excellent example of Daisy nurse here at Bronson Hospital. She renders excellent care of those in need of hyperal services. She patiently teaches each of her patients on the care of their PICC lines and how important their role is in fighting infection. Her sense of humor and gentle spirit are appreciated when giving bedside instruction. One patient recently commented after a bedside PICC line dressing change that they appreciated how careful she was and explained to them what she was doing and what they could do to help. Linda is a phenomenal team player. She responds quickly to pages and cheerfully renders aid to staff. She not only makes her patients feel comfortable, but also the people she works with. She goes the extra mile multiple times throughout her shift to not only make her department look good, but Bronson as a whole. She is a valuable member of the Bronson Team and we appreciate her.