Linda Blackert

Linda Blackert, RN

Obstetrics Acute
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
Peoria, Illinois
United States

I was a patient 2/22 to 2/25 and the entire stay was a roller coaster of emotions. Because of complications with my newborn daughter, she had to be in the Level II Nursery during our entire stay. Because of this, she did not get her Our 365 hospital pictures until the day of discharge. I waited all day for the picture people to show up (they told me the day before they would be there and our name was on the list). We were overlooked by the Our 365 staff by mistake. They never showed up so I asked my nurse about it. She said they had already left. I was deeply upset as I was looking forward to the pictures. Since nothing was "normal" about all of the complications, this was the one thing that was supposed to work out. Linda saw me in the hall and could tell that I had been crying. She went out of her way to pull me aside and ask what was wrong and if there was anything she could do to help. I told her how much I looked forward to the pictures and was disappointed that we could not get them as I was being discharged that evening. She promptly said not to worry and to wait to see what she could do. She later came to my room to say that she made several calls and was able to get one of the Our 365 staff to come back in. It was a Friday night and the picture lady graciously came back to take our pictures. Linda did not have to go above and beyond like this, but it was extremely appreciated! Linda saved the day and was able to get us the memorable pictures we wanted … something that could not be reproduced!