Scott Austin
November 2015
Michael Scott
General Medicine
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Upon learning about the DAISY award program, Scott immediately came to mind. I have been working with Scott for almost 4 years now, and he is the most amazing nurse I have ever been around. He provides not only exemplary care to his patients. Scott is never afraid to give his patients the tough love they need, and that one extra push to help them get better and get home. He always puts the needs of his patients first, and will go through hell and high water to make sure they have the best care plan in place. Patients and their family members frequently ask for him by name.

Not only is Scott amazing towards his patients, he is also a wonderful person to work with. Scott frequently fills the roll of shift manager, and makes sure he makes himself known to every patient on the unit and will help them with any need they may have, regardless if he has direct care or not. He is also very attentive to staffing and our needs. As a PCA, it really makes a different having an RN who sits down to discuss with you areas of improvement, advice on how to better your career, and just little things like assisting with bathing or taking a set of vitals. There are too many examples of acts of kindness that Scott demonstrates each shift. He is such a pleasure to work with, and makes every shift as smooth as can be.

Scott's patients frequently comment on how attentive he is, and how real and honest he is. He also takes his time to think of ways to better our unit so that we can provide the upmost patient care. Scott demonstrates what every UVa employee should be. Regardless of your job title, everyone could use a little help and he is not afraid to help physicians down to the house keepers.