Morgan Coleman

Morgan Coleman

Morgan Coleman, RN

Labor & Delivery
Meadows Regional Medical Center
Vidalia, Georgia
United States
My hope is that others will be awarded the opportunity of being cared for by Morgan.

I would like to take the time to recognize Morgan Coleman, RN for an outstanding experience during my stay at Meadows Regional Medical Center. I first met Morgan in January for a version procedure. Morgan greeted my husband and me with a warm smile and encouraging words. She explained the procedure thoroughly and was incredibly attentive. The procedure was a success and I was on my way home in no time.

A few short weeks later, Morgan and I met again when I entered the labor and delivery department on a February morning. Morgan quickly realized that I was back and was placed on my case. As a first-time mother, I was anxious and scared. I began having contractions the night before at 7 pm but wanted to be sure that I was progressing before entering the hospital. When Morgan entered my room that day, I felt a sense of peace and knew that I was in good hands. Again, Morgan began to explain what was taking place step by step. She was excited for my husband and me as if she had known us her entire life. I felt a connection with her that many people do not get to experience when entering a facility. Morgan exhibited exemplary service to me during my stay but she didn't stop there. She connected with my family, reaching out to them when they were concerned or when things got a little stressful. I quickly progressed once entering labor and delivery and we were certain that in no time our baby girl would be entering the world. I began to experience complications and a series of events took place. Morgan remained calm, positive, and most of all kept me where I needed to be mentally. Not only did she ensure that I was taken care of, she focused on my husband as well. After hours of labor, I stopped progressing and we had to make a decision as to how my daughter would enter the world. During my entire pregnancy, my birth plan was to have her naturally and I was devastated when a c-section was mentioned. Morgan calmed me and explained how important it was to relax so that my little girl would not get into distress. As the time neared for Morgan's shift to end, she worked hard to see that I was taken care of. Morgan was to end her day at 7pm that evening, but she didn't leave me. She stayed until after midnight to help bring our bundle of joy into the world. I cannot express how much that meant to my husband and me. Morgan's caring and compassionate nature resulted in the best experience of my life, when it could have easily been the opposite. My family and I will forever remember that day and all that she did above and beyond the call of duty.

As an administrator in the healthcare field, we strive to find employees of Morgan's caliber. I am most grateful that she was assigned my case on that day, and I hope that your organization acknowledges her as an outstanding employee. Morgan was an inspiration to me, and reminded me of how much of an impact we can have on the lives of others when we love what we do. There is no greater place for her than in the field of nursing. My hope is that others will be awarded the opportunity of being cared for by Morgan. She truly touched our lives and will forever have a special place in our hearts