Nicole Daniels

Nicole Daniels, RN

ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital
Monroe, Michigan
United States

Nicole Daniels had a patient that voiced a concern that he only owned 2 sets of clothing and one was destroyed upon admission to the hospital. Nicole realized that the patient was almost the same size as her son. She shared with her son that she would like to donate some of his clothing that he no longer wears to a person in need. She and her son came up with several sets of clothing and some of which were brand new. Nicole also went to a second hand store and purchased several more sets of clothing for the patient. She then came in on an off shift and gave the clothing to the patient prior to his discharge.

Nicole is a very special nurse because she learns detailed information about her patients and their families to make a connection. Nicole learns all the names of her patient's family names and addresses them by their names every time they visit. She has a special gift of drawing personal information out of her patients and this is only one small example of the wonderful nursing care that she provides. She is a wonderful asset on the 4 North team.