Paulette Tolefree
March 2019
Social Services/Utilization Review
Bradley County Medical Center
United States




About 15 years ago, Mrs. Paulette made a decision to help a patient. Mrs. H started receiving chemo and was going to have to make an extra trip to Little Rock to have her port discontinued. Mrs. Paulette told her that she would help her. A few years later, Mrs. Paulette herself developed cancer. Even while battling her own fight, she still helped Mrs. H with her port. All these years later, Mrs. Paulette is cancer free, but she still helps Mrs. H in her fight. She goes every few weeks and helps her with her port. Not only does her story show true dedication to her clients and to the nursing profession - it shows us the true meaning of a DAISY Nurse. She shows a true love for people. The best thing is, if you know Paulette at ALL, you know she doesn't believe she deserves any recognition. She truly believes what she does is just what she's supposed to do. She does it because it's the right thing, not because she will get recognition for it.