Penny Hall
December 2015
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Penny gave one to one care to a critically ill patient this past month that required constant critical thinking and interventions. Patients requiring a tandem heart are often busy, but this particular night was off the charts. Penny was so organized and deliberate in balancing the emotional needs of the family and administering constant care to this hemodynamically unstable patient. The patient was experiencing a constant bleed from the arterial sheath, requiring numerous blood products and fluids. Management of the Tandem Heart settings and troubleshooting issues was continuous. Penny was on top of all the possible needs of the patient and coordinated with TCV service as well for any possible surgical options.
Ultimately, this patient survived and progressed due to the intensive efforts of Penny. I was so impressed with her care of this patient and her ability to remain focused and levelheaded. The family was always aware of the plan of care and informed of all the efforts put forth to stabilize this patient. Additionally, Penny shared this experience with a nursing student that night. This student was able to see what working in intensive care is all about and how nurses make such a huge contribution to positive outcomes.