Rochelle Lehrer

Rochelle Lehrer, LPN

Denali Center
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and Denali Center
Fairbanks, Alaska
United States

I’d like to nominate Rochelle Lehrer, LPN, from Denali Center for the July DAISY award. It is my understanding that the DAISY acronym stands for Diseases that Attack the Immune System, so I thought it perfectly fitting to call attention to her care providing for a gentlemen with end-stage multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia.

Rochelle is an amazing nurse with over 12 years of experience. Her ability to assess a given situation is exemplary and she is known as the “MacGyver” of Denali Center, quick to find the best solution to any problem that comes our way. As a new nurse, luckily for me she was one of my preceptors and taught me a few tricks of the trade that will stick with me forever. She’s great at explaining the rationale of doing something a certain way so that it makes sense. She’s quick to the point, models the way consistently, and isn’t dependent on her CNA’s to do the “dirty jobs”…..if she’s able, she’ll get the job done. Mrs. Lehrer attends CEC classes in effort to maintain a level of clinical competency above and beyond what is expected, and Denali Center benefits as a result.

Rochelle has been the primary caregiver for the aforementioned man with MS for a few years now. She regularly reviews his care plan to be sure all considerations are being met, follows up daily with family members to address any particulars, and diligently works with multiple inter-disciplinary colleagues to ensure the Eden philosophy is put to work for this person. The resident’s father was interviewed and asked if he felt the nominee is deserving of such an award, and he emphatically said “Of course!” Even though the resident is barely able to speak, Rochelle speaks his language. She can take one look at him and know what he needs, but yet she asks him what he wants, and what his concerns might be….. And gives him the time needed to respond. She is in every sense of the word a true patient advocate. His father said lovingly of Rochelle, “I thank her for the kindness, love, care, and most of all, the way she can make my son laugh”. Not only is she top-notch at nursing, she has a sense of humor and way of looking at things that is infectious.