Ryan Purser

Ryan Purser

Ryan Purser, RN

Mainland Medical Center
Texas City, Texas
United States
Ryan is knowledgeable, professional, and is always going that extra step.

My admittance to the Mainland Medical Center ED which resulted in me being admitted to the CCU was due to the serious problem that I caused medically by allowing myself to run out of my psych medications, along with all of my pain medications.  Due to severe pain and withdrawal from all of my medications, I had serious depression and then those feelings eventually got to be serious with suicidal thoughts. I was suffering and detoxing after my first night in the busy ED and by this time my neck and back pain began.

Upon awakening, I was introduced to my nurse Ryan Purser and he told me good morning. Ryan politely and respectfully was forced to tie up many loose ends from the previous night, but it seemed to me by his professional bedside manner that he was very respectful of my privacy. He shut the door so I could be questioned about my medical information, and I complied with all the questions. 

Ryan is knowledgeable, professional, and is always going that extra step. His attention to detail was great. I had everything I needed or what he thought I would need or want to make my stay better. Sometimes my requests were as simple as bringing me a spoon or extra sugar for my coffee, but no matter how small the request Ryan saw this as very important. I recognize all the things he did for me without even requesting them.

As I went through the day Ryan was constantly reminding me that he was there to serve and protect me medically. By the time my mid-day meds came, I felt as if I had known or been friends with Ryan for years. 

I was very depressed and suicidal after my first admit to the hospital, but having Ryan there for me both medically and personally made things better. He always listened to my feelings when I needed someone to care. He spent time giving me advice and it was good to have another person to talk to about losing my wife and two of my boys. I survived by God’s grace and mercy, and I actually felt as if God put Ryan as my nurse to bring me some mental peace.  I do not have anyone to listen to me, and Ryan listened.  Ryan is a true DAISY Nurse!