Sarah Cox

Sarah Cox, RN

Community Hospital North
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

As first time parents whose daughter ended up in the NICU, my husband and I struggled with a wide range of emotions from frustration, to grief, to pure joy. We struggled with balancing our desire to parent our daughter as any parent would and the exhaustion that the stress that having a baby in NICU care brings.

Sarah was our daughter's nurse many times, but on the first night when she was allowed to eat by mouth, Sarah made a huge difference in our stay. I struggled and cried because I was so stressed and exhausted because of my own significant medical issues, but I felt so guilty to leave our daughter's side to get any sleep. I felt that if we were at home her care would be my responsibility, so it should be while I was here as well. Sarah however was able to help me recognize that the stress level and her needs were not the same as they would be ordinarily and that I would not be home yet.

Between Sarah and my husband they convinced me to return to my room to get some sleep. As we left our daughter's room, Sarah came in and stood by my daughter's side and we could hear her telling our daughter how special and amazing she was and how much her mommy and daddy love her. This simple action gave me more comfort than words can express. I know that while I was gone she was not only safe but also being given love and attention.

Throughout our stay anytime Sarah was taking care of her she displayed compassion and genuine caring. We always looked forward to her caring for our baby. She always took time to talk with us on a personal level and to makes sure we understood everything that was going on. She was truly a great blessing to us during our stay. We will never forget the caring, compassionate and professional way she treated our daughter and us during such a difficult time.