Stacey Folks

Stacey Folks

Stacey Folks, RN

Labor and Delivery
Broward Health Medical Center
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States

I wanted to write and let you know what a great experience I had at Broward Health Medical Center for my delivery. My experience was unfortunately not a routine birth. I did experience some complications after being induced. While all of the nurses were great, there really was one nurse that was extraordinary. Her name was Stacey Folkes. Ms. Folkes took a very stressful situation and a reluctant decision for a C-Section and helped make it as quick and easy as possible. My entire family was in awe at how fast she was able to prepare all the necessary staff and get us ready for surgery, in addition she was able to allow both my mother and my husband to be in the room with me during the procedure. I greatly appreciated her taking the time, instead of just saying "no sorry only one person is allowed"; she went above and beyond to get both of these important people in the room to support me. While things were very frenzied at the time of birth, she even followed up afterwards to apologize if she had been short. We assured her she was perfect.

My little baby had a short stay in the NICU. The staff in the NICU was also exemplary. After she was taken there, the nurse at the Maternity Place took the time to help me to a wheelchair and take me to the NICU to see my baby, since she was taken within minutes of us being placed in our room. The NICU nurse took the time to explain everything that happened, the plan of care, and what I can expect. This helped alleviate our fears. We were able to participate in a rounding with the multidisciplinary team. The physician and staff answered our questions, listened to our comments and even changed orders to allow me to breastfeed. Their willingness to be open to us as patients, and take the time to include us in the plan of care of our child was refreshing. Everyone was friendly and made us feel as though our input was valued.

The rooms were clean, the area was quiet and everyone was very helpful. In the Maternity Place the nurses were conscientious of my recovery while ensuring I received the care I needed and that my pain was well managed. Each nurse introduced themselves and checked in with me to ensure all my needs were met. I will gladly recommend Broward Health to anyone I know giving birth. But please pass along my gratitude and thanks to your team for making my experience the best it could be.