Stachy Aventino

Stachy Aventino, RN

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital
Alexandria, Virginia
United States

Congratulations to Stachy Aventino, Management Coordinator on unit 4A as the DAISY Award recipient for the second quarter of 2010 at IMVH.

According to Stachy’s nomination from several colleagues, Stachy is amazing. She exemplifies what it means to be a Registered Nurse. “She is someone whom I trust by my side when I work.” She has an upbeat, fun attitude and she anticipates the needs of her patients before they ask. Stachy is sensitive to everything when it comes to patient’s needs, and is always tactful in dealing with others around her. She goes all out in offering support and promoting teamwork, and she is compassionate, calm and caring. Stachy has a heart of gold, is a champion of her coworkers, and is truly a wonderful “gift” and deserving of this award.

Stachy always comes to work smiling and ready to work. Her beautiful smile brightens up 4A and sets a positive attitude for the night shift. Stachy is always thinking of the wellbeing of the staff members and patients. She acknowledges, congratulates, and celebrates the staff’s accomplishments, birthdays and other life occasions. She advocates for patients and colleagues, serving on the unit practice council. She is innovative and constantly thinks of new ideas for excellent patient care and enforcing current standards in place.

Stachy remains calm in hectic situations and stays focused on the task at hand. She reminds the staff that things will be “okay,” and that together as a team they can all take a deep breath and be confident, knowing they are providing excellent patient care.

Another colleague writes: “With an extensive nursing background, I feel very safe when I’m working with Stachy. She truly displays all the characteristics of a dependable nurse manager. Her knowledge and expertise is food to a new nurse like me. She motivates me to perform with excellence at work. Displaying the true character of “Florence Nightingale, Stachy gives hope to us that there are still many compassionate nurses in the field.