Stephanie Zelinskie

Stephanie Zelinskie

Stephanie Zelinskie, RN

Saint Barnabas Medical Center
Livingston, New Jersey
United States

When I think of compassionate care, healthcare excellence and superior service, there is one person I think of, Stephanie Zelinskie. She is the kind of nurse I want to be when I grow up. She does not shy away from hard work. No matter how busy she is, she is always there to help her ICU colleagues without being asked. All her patients and their families are treated with compassion and respect.

I recently observed her exemplary work as a nurse and colleague. One of our ICU nurses became very busy with a critical patient. The patient was on a ventilator with multiple drips and needed multiple blood transfusions. Without a word, Stephanie jumped in and helped. She saved the day. This is the reason why this extraordinary nurse deserves to be honored with the DAISY Award.

Congratulate Stephanie Zelinskie