Susane Eaton

Susane Eaton, RN, BSN, CWON

Enterostomal & Wound Care
John Muir Medical Center Concord
Concord, California
United States

Julie and Susie are our Enterostomal, skin and wound care RNs. Susi’s been working at our hospital for a very long time as a contracted RN and finally joined the ranks of JMMC Concord nearly 5 years ago. Julie joined the team nearly 4 years ago. They’re both an incredible resource for staff and patients alike.
Susie and Julie were nominated for the DAISY award by the daughter of a patient who wrote extensively about the care Susie and Julie provided and this is just a bit of what she said;
“I am nominating both Julie… and Susie… for a DAISY award as a team. They are the pair of John Muir Concord Wound and Ostomy Care nurses who have worked diligently with my dad… since his surgery in August 2009. I believe their efforts, compassion, and professional expertise needs recognition for all they’ve done to help my day to adjust… at the age of 85.
It takes true dedication to deal with a challenging case where the answers don’t come quickly or easily. My family acknowledges both Julie and Susie as strong DAISY candidates. They are truly extraordinary nurses.