Tia Brown

Tia Brown, RN

Surgical Trauma
Palmetto Health Richland
Columbia, South Carolina
United States

Tia has demonstrated the care and compassion that is truly what we would want for ourselves and our families. On two separate occasions I have witnessed Tia go above and beyond with patients that she was not directly providing care for that particular day. On the first instance, we had a patient who was a new quad and vent dependent for the rest of his life as a result of a motorcycle crash, wanted to go outside. After getting it cleared by the doctors, Tia decided that she would make it happen for this patient. She called and got a respiratory therapist involved. He came to the floor and made sure we had the correct type of portable ventilator to transport the patient, then Tia had to get the correct type of chair with appropriate cushion because due to further skin care issues with this patient and he is a quadriplegic. After all was arranged, Tia and the respiratory therapist took to the adventure of going to see the outdoors. The patient was so excited to see outside and the sunshine. He was very thankful for Tia making this happen. He expressed this to numerous people. On another occasion, Tia assisted a patient to get out of the bed and walk in the hall. This was a patient who had been very noncompliant, resisted care, “fired” most staff, and wanted to lay in his bed. He was an incomplete quad as a result from a gunshot wound. His legs were very fragile and unsteady but he was determined to get out of his bed without help. After enough encouraging and convincing, Tia got him to allow her to walk him in the hallway with her assistance and the help of another coworker. Tia was not his nurse but wanted to help make this happen for him and she did. He was so happy. He brought a crowd around to watch him as the Trauma attending, case managers, and other staff watched and was amazed that he was walking with some help of course but it was happening. Everyone was so excited. This is the kind of care that is exhibited on a daily basis by Tia. We are very proud and happy to have her on our team.