Tim Adams

Tim Adams

Tim Adams, RN, PCCN

Cardiovascular Progressive Care Unit
Mission Hospital - Ashville
Asheville, North Carolina
United States

Nomination 1

Tim Adams always goes above and beyond, not only for his patients and their families but for his co-workers as well. He is very compassionate towards his patients and always makes sure they clearly understand him and what he is doing for them. If a co-worker is in need of his help, he is there. He helps whoever needs help. I am a CNA on the floor and he helps me when I need assistance. He is extremely knowledgeable and always goes the extra mile for everyone. Tim Adams deserves this award!

Nomination 2

Whenever you work along side Tim, he constantly helps you with anything your patient might need if you are not immediately available. “That is not my patient” doesn’t exist in Tim’s vocabulary. He constantly silences beeping IVs, assists patients to the bathroom, gives information to families, and is aware that you might need help. He is a resource for all staff on CVPC and is an excellent preceptor. I overhear him explaining rationale to new employees without being condescending. He is well versed in policy and procedures.

Tim is one of the people it is difficult to follow because all of the patients like him. When you go in at the first part of the shift and tell the patient you are going to be the nurse for the day, the patients almost always say, “Tim was my nurse yesterday and he was great. I hoped he would be here again today.” You have to work hard to maintain the standard set by Tim for patient care. In the spring, my mother was a patient on CVPC and had Tim as her nurse one day. When I came to visit her, I saw on the white board he was her nurse. Her comment to me was that Tim is great. When I tried to ask her what made him great, she said “I don’t know but he is great.”

Tim is also creative in developing things to make patient care more efficient and fun. He adapts his cart to be more efficient. He can also fix any and all of the equipment we use on a regular basis. One day another nurse told me that she was on CVPC and she couldn’t get a computer to boot up properly to use. She said as she became more frustrated and behind after many attempts, Tim told her to take his computer. She asked him what he would do and he told her not to worry. One day I had a patient that needed to go for a test off the floor. Tim was precepting that day and offered to take my patient. It was the end of the shift and we finished reporting to the next shift but Tim had not returned with my patient. I went to the Charge Nurse who told me that she was going to Radiology to relieve Tim. When I saw Tim the next day, I told him I would have come down to relieve him so he could have gone home on time. Tim said it wasn’t a big deal – that’s Tim. It is never a big deal to him but it is a big deal to his co-workers and patients which is why I think he deserves recognition through the DAISY Award.

Nomination 3

Tim took the time to fully explain everything and was very patient with my being hard of hearing. He was VERY compassionate and seemed genuinely concerned. Also, he seems to thoroughly enjoy his job, and it shows in his excellent patient care, and in his attitude toward his peers. He is the kind of ‘face’ for care that Mission should always put forward. You are lucky to have him. I will be returning in three months for another surgery after my triple bypass heals. I am 84 years old and hope to have him as a nurse again as he helps in so many ways.