Traci Dillbeck

Traci Dillbeck

Traci Dillbeck, RN

Cardiac Stepdown
UnityPoint Health -Trinity
Rock Island, Illinois
United States

...I would like to tell you about one of God's Angels that took care of me on the 7th floor during my hospital stay when I was diagnosed with my second heart attack. Her name is Traci Dillbeck.

I came through the ER and was admitted with chest pains. After being attended to in the ER I was taken to the 7th floor, QCR 7N Cardiac Stepdown unit, this is where I was blessed with meeting Traci and having her take care of me. Upon my arrival to 7th, Traci immediately came in, introduced herself and began monitoring and explaining EVERYTHING! I liked her immediately. Her professionalism, kindness, compassion, and knowledge of medications and their effects were AWESOME! She was concerned with my pain level and overall comfort. She adjusted the liquid nitro IV so that my pain was controlled, but not over medicated where it would possibly cause severe headaches.

I felt at ease with her compassion, kindness, friendliness and medical skills and knowledge! Traci continued to monitor everything, including personal needs. She made us feel so at ease with everything that I was astonished all through the night. Traci continued to tirelessly check on me, monitor me, be concerned about my safety -she put a bed alarm on me in case I woke up and needed to use the facilities. She caught me when I woke up and sat on the edge of the bed and set the alarm off, she was there instantly! There was no need for a call light ever because Traci was always checking on things.

She always kept me informed of that was going to be done with any procedures (I had an angiogram the following morning) She introduced the nurse that was relieving her and always kept me updated on my condition. I didn't want her to leave when her shift ended but I understood. Please don't misunderstand; everyone was great to us during my stay. Sheryl, my ER Nurse (Even though I still can't wiggle my 3rd toe where she put the IV In (Ha-Ha!)) Jess and Sawyer, both RNs, Samantha and the aides, housekeeping, the ladies that took blood-everyone was great. But Traci "outshined" everyone and that is the reason I feel that she deserved SPECIAL recognition!

In conclusion, Traci is one of the few special, Special people that we need more of in this harsh old world! In my opinion, you could place her anywhere and she would shine like one of God's Angels! I think that she already has a set of golden wings!

"Every time a call light dings, all the angels get their wings"