Tyler Haddox

Tyler Haddox

Tyler Haddox, RN

Beaumont Hospital - Taylor
Taylor, Michigan
United States
Tyler made them feel like he cared. He used his sense of humor to make them feel more comfortable with the situation.

A patient came to the emergency room with dizziness but had no classic stroke-like symptoms.  He was seen, had a head CT and sent to OBS for an MRI.  Tyler, recognizing that there may still be a stroke and that the patient should go sooner, made it happen.  The patient had a small posterior cerebellar infarct, not seen on CT.  The entire time Tyler kept the patient and his girlfriend updated.  But, more importantly, he made them feel like he cared.  Tyler used his sense of humor to make them feel more comfortable with the situation.  He helped educate them to understand the testing and what the results really meant.  They truly appreciated his bed-side manner and people skills.  He followed the mantra of PFCC by sharing information about strokes and the importance of following the doctor’s plan of care.  He also included the girlfriend and family in any discussions about the patient as long as he stated he didn’t mind.  The patient had never been to our emergency room or hospital before and, thanks to the nursing skill of Tyler, we are now his hospital of choice.  


Tyler has a way of making people feel like you’re not at the hospital. He makes great conversation yet makes sure you understand all pertinent information you need to know about your care. He really made the stay here a better experience.