Victoria Chadwell

Victoria Chadwell, RN

Summerlin Hospital Medical Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Victoria's compassion made the worst day of my life tolerable.

A meant the world to me, she was my best friend, my backup, everything you would want in a girlfriend. When she came to Summerlin Hospital ICU because she was critically ill and I was told that her prognosis was very poor, I was beyond devastated.

Victoria was her night shift nurse the night we were told A would likely not survive. I felt destroyed. I did not even know how I would survive without my love.

Victoria shared an experience with me from her past and the things that she went through. She related them to my situation, I felt not so alone. That it wasn’t my fault. She knew that I had a lot to deal with because she had been through it.

She sat with me for over an hour talking to me, comforting me, helping me. I felt almost to the point of suicidal and this she talked me through it and helped me realize that such an act would be letting A, my kids, and myself down. If it weren’t for her I don’t know if I would be here today.

She didn’t have to do that, she could have just “done her job” but she took the time to be personal with me. She took special care of A, bathing her, fixing her hair, etc. The compassion, empathy, and caring that she showed me and A was exceptional.

Her compassion made the worst day of my life tolerable. I can never express how much the talk we had meant to me. She saved my life.